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Good without God (a personal perspective)

So, the argument has been, can we be "good without God"?

Both of my parents are Christians (my Dad staunchly so, and my Mom is more of a philosophical deist). They got divorced, and both remarried and both got divorced AGAIN. Granted, they did the best they could raising my and my brother, but my mom has been the one who has been the most supportive in my life. (The one who religious beliefs I would describe as "relaxed")

I am an atheist and my husband is agnostic. This Thursday marks our 15th wedding anniversary, but we've been in a committed monogamous relationship, for 20 years (that's half my life, btw).

We don't smoke, have never done illegal drugs of any kind, and I personally do not drink (just personal preference, not a moral decision).

We've both served in the U.S. Military, and I was a volunteer at our local animal shelter for 6 years. We continue to donate to various charities when we can.

We waited 12 years to have a kid, who people always remark upon how kind, thoughtful and polite he is (and he's only 3!).

I am not claiming to be perfect. I lose my temper, I've lied, and have done things I'm not particularly proud of, but who in this world can claim they haven't?

I also don't claim to be the poster child of atheism, but I am definitely claiming that my family adheres to high set of standards and values without any need of a cosmic father figure telling us to do so, "or else".
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