The Web Goddess (webgodd_s) wrote,
The Web Goddess

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Too cute!

Tags: tentacular

  • Proud moments in a geek mom's life

    So Seth found my Gug plushie and my Nightgaunt plushie (..which I had hidden and stored away in his closet. What? Can I help it if that's where…

  • Love is in the air.. as are the Fungi from Yuggoth

    I didn't think that H.P. Lovecraft could be any MORE my idol than he is now, but apparently I was wrong... Lovecraft's 1936 letter to C. L. Moore,…

  • (no subject)

    Seth decided he wanted a "warm hot cold" waffle this morning. My reply? "Ok." He went on to explain that "one side is warm, the other side is hot,…

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